“It’s about time someone offered solutions rather than talk about how much of a failure our schools are! Rather than blaming teachers, Mr. McGlothin shows what part we ALL play in student success and gives students a REAL plan to take ownership and achieve success.  Thank you!”

LaTece Idlebird, Teacher, Dallas ISD

“The Student Formula succinctly offers strategies and suggestions to combat indecisiveness, build self-esteem, and introduce life/survival skills.”

Renee Graham, Co-Director Essex County Provisional Teacher Training Program – Montclair, NJ

“Profound! Whether you’re an educator seeking insight into pedagogy and best practices or a parent helping a child to be more responsible for their own learning, The Student Formula is the book for you. Kudos to Mr. McGlothin!”

Paula D. Brown, COO/ Deputy Supt. at A.W. Brown-Fellowship Leadership Academy, Dallas, TX

“An A+ game changer. Students with the least deserve the best and these are the strategies for success.”

Dr. Monica Williams PhD – VP of University Advancement, UNT Dallas, TCX

“This is an excellent resource for any student at any stage of their educational journey. I wish someone had put all the information I needed in one place to be successful with my education journey.”

 Brenda R. Williams, Talent Manager INROADS, Inc.

“Moving! The Student Formula is a step by step guide to winning our children back. It provides many tools needed for inner-city students to become successful.”

Deana Williams & Meca Anderson, Counselors at Sarah Zumwalt Middle School, Dallas, TX

“Parental and mentoring strategies for amazing student success is clearly outlined in The Student Formula. I highly recommend this reading for students, parents, teachers and mentors. Praise for an author who had the guts to expose his early shame of poor reading skills that almost derailed his athletic scholarship and college education.”

Barbara Holloway, (Houston, Texas and Oakland, California) Inner-City Public School Teacher and Administrator, Retired

“As an educator for 16 years in inner-city schools, this book is a must read for ALL teachers.”

Dr. Sharon Ware Nashville, TN

“The Student Formula masterfully parallels key aspects of business with student success. This approach will make students, teachers and even school administrators view education from a different, more impactful, lens. It’s even applicable to college students.”

 Dr. Marcia Brevard Wynn, Assistant Professor of Human Services, Southeastern University

“Excellent for teachers, administrators and students. Victor McGlothin’s The Student Formula contains the tools students need to succeed and obtain their goals.”

Alfreada Brown-Kelly, Author, Assistant Professor Hampton University

“On behalf of a college freshman instructor, The Student Formula: How to Win in Inner-City Classrooms, provides significant ideas to prepare high school students for their future. What I admire most about the book is how the author, Victor McGlothin, shared his personal experiences. He allows individuals to grasp why it is imperative for high school students to take accountability and set goals for their future.”

Sandra Jackson, Guided Studies Instructor, Houston Community College

“The Student Formula should be a gift for every new teacher in America. It offers that many tools for student success in the classroom.”

Diane Carter, Middle School Teacher in Plantation, FL

“When cultivating young adults, Victor McGlothin raises the bar and makes it practical and possible for all types of learners. His innovation of the mind in his new book sets the standard for students to follow.”

Dr. Gretchen J. Tolbert, Ph.D., CHLC Atlanta, GA

“Great read! Applicable content…ready for quick implementation. A strategic toolbox for academic success; not only for inner-city students but ALL students.”

Chana-Kay Pommels, Ed.S. Educator in Miramar, FL

“Student success is personal success for adults of the future! Your child can win in school when they have the tools and support of the village. Victor McGlothin has gathered the wisdom of the village in his book, The Student Formula.”

Pollie Massey, Leadership & Inclusion Strategist
Author of The Art of Inclusion-Conscious Leadership for a Diverse World

“Mr. McGlothin has provided a valuable and practical guide to help students with high educational standards reach their goals.”

Jennifer Dyer Sennette, Ph. D. , Associate Professor Doctoral Co-Coordinator
Department of Curriculum & Instruction Texas A & M University-Commerce

“When implemented, this book is a significant lifelong working tool which will manifest the successful secrets for a successful life.”

 Mansour Id-Deen, President of the NAACP Berkeley, CA Chapter

“Finally, a tool that applies practical business applications for student and parent use. Kudos to McGlothin for devising a definitive formula that will bolster the inner-city student in acquiring a sound education. His formulated tools are appropriate for the middle schooler to regain the educational footing necessary for high school and beyond.”

Carole Castle, Administrator, Moreno Valley Unified School District, Moreno Valley, CA

“In The Student Formula, Victor McGlothin, inspires readers through personal reflection on overcoming his own academic struggles in reading. He inventively challenges all students to champion their own academic pursuits to success through a business model lens. Parents and students alike will be drawn into this unique and novel concept of guiding learners to see their education as their occupation!”

 Shawnell Bradshaw, Assistant Principal, Wylie, Texas